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Trafik meets the new LFP print business challenges.
Enabling architecture provides extreme scalability.

Software RIPs are central to the business of large format printing. Prior to Trafik, they have failed to meet new business demands. Trafik, is a PostScript level 3 RIP, with RIP-on-the-fly speed, ICC colour management, and full productivity functionality such as dynamic tiling and nesting - all the traditional "must haves" of RIP functionality - but its unique software architecture opens up a new dimension that reaches the core of the business of LFP printing. Trafik's scalable print management solution makes it truly next-generation. Operating over LAN and WAN and INTERNET, Trafik is not limited by location. Plus it can be customised to suit individual operator skills and management and administrative requirements.

Trafik consists of 4 seamlessly integrated communication modules. Each module can be installed on a single computer or just as easily function on separate computers, local and/ or remote. Users and output devices can be added to the system easily. Additional print locations can also be added and integrated, and resulting distributed workflow can still be managed centrally.

Change is the dynamic of business survival. Successful businesses review their strategies continually in order to maintain or increase profits and minimise costs. Winning business tools adapt to market dynamics.

Trafik is the flexible Large Format Print solution to support these changing business needs.
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