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About Image Technologies

Started in 1980 Image Technologies grew out of a partnership servicing the audio-visual and computer graphics industry. By 1986 it was the leading UK supplier of audio-visual presentation producing computer graphics systems to major bluechip companies.

In 1989 it changed its emphasis to developing Windows GDI and then to PostScipt driver solutions.

By 1992 Image Technologies had already sold its first major copier solution to Canon who bundled it with their IPU10 to drive the CLC 300 & 500 colour copiers.

1993 saw the development of their PostScript Level 2 RIP and our first colour controller WarpSpeed was born.

Image Technologies became a Public Limited Company in 1996. 

Leading the way with Windows solutions such as Wisp-PS and WarpSpeed and then HotSpur, Image Technologies has often set the standard for others to follow.

Image Technologies "Firsts" include the following:

  • First with colour controller RIPs running on Windows NT OS
  • First with PCI cards to drive copiers
  • First with copier solutions in kit form
  • First with Job Centric solutions
  • First with Real Time Inline Processing 

Last year Qt's RTIP Technology pioneered a revolutionary new approach to controllers and has won acclaim and a HotPick award at Seybold 98.

1999. The New Qt Range of products is introduced to provide a new set of solutions to customers. Market areas which hitherto have remained unaddressed by our competitors.

Image Technologies is an innovative technology company. Where we lead, others follow. Our goal is to fullfill customer requirements with the solutions they need and at prices they can afford. Our Mix and match integrated range makes our solutions uniquely capable of matching these needs in the new millenium.