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Concept of Wisp-PS (Last release 2001 V6.2.050)

Wisp-PS is undoubtly the most comprehensive solution available for colour printing from PostScript on the market today. The top of the range version is capable of printing on up to 3 printers simultaneously under a Windows Operating System. It's feature set has grown apace since first launched in 94 and it has had a great deal of input by professional users from across a wide spectrum of industries since then.

The benefits Wisp-PS offers operators be they from job printers, print for pay, photo labs, in company graphics departments or designers are unsuppassed.

Wisp-PS is available in 4 varieties to meet different market requirements:

Wisp-PS Repro – Designed to address the Imagesetter market it comes with drivers for over 100 Imagesetters.

Wisp-PS Power 3 –Supports printing to 3 printers on the fly and comes with the Jigsaw, Poster layout, Tiling and Paper saving utility.

Wisp-PS Professional – Which supports one device on the fly and comes with the Jigsaw, Poster layout, Tiling and Paper saving utility.

Wisp-PS Plus – Similar to the Professional version, but without the Jigsaw application.

All versions come with all our inkjet drivers and the ability to purchase support for over 200 devices including, LFP, Digital Proofers, Imagesetters, Electrostatics, and many more.

Wisp-PS Lite

Wisp-PS Lite is an inexpensive RIP designed to drive low end printers such as the Encad Croma and the HP450. It uses the same RIP a similar engine as the professional versions of Wisp-PS so it is very fast, it also includes ICC profiles for manufacturers papers and inks.

Wisp PS Lite Plus

Similar to Wisp-PS Lite but available to drive our supported 36" large format printers.

Connecting Wisp-PS

Wisp-PS’ connectivity is dependant upon the OS under which it is installed. Since it can be installed on NT, it provides a large range of connectivity options, under Win 95 or 98, the connectivity is restricted somewhat by the operating system

Operating Systems

Windows 95, Windows 98, NT4.0 Workstation, NT4.0 Server, Windows 2000.


Wisp-PS is priced according the device it is purchased to drive. This allows Wisp-PS to address every market from the inexpensive printer right up to the largest Inkjet or most expensive devices supportable.


Minimum Specification

PC with PII 266Mhz, 64Mb RAM, 2Gb SCSI HDDs, CDROM.


Fonts = 35 embedded, all other are automatically included in the PS File.

Interpreter = PS Level 3

Details of Colour Management Functions

As Wisp-PS is a modular and multi-device system, its colour management has been expanded to include direct ICC profile linking. Wisp-PS has ColorBlind ICC Profiles for all the devices it supports and it uses the ColorBlind Colour Management Engine to render these ICC profiles.The ColorBlind Colour Manangement Engine allows you to take any ICC profiles and dynamically link them on the RIP to create you own comprehensive colour library. This facility separately corrects RGB Lineart, CMYK Lineart, RGB Bitmap and CMYK Bitmap components even when they are on the same page. We also provide base profiles and links for users and dealers who do not want to tackle colour themselves.


Professional versions of Wisp-PS offer a very high feature set on all its range.

On LFP it includes

  • Up to 1440dpi on the fly printing
  • Mirror Printing
  • Page Ordering
  • Page Positioning
  • Screening Control
  • Load Sharing (optional)
  • Job Sharing (optional)
  • Job Archiving
  • Paper Saving
  • Direct ICC Linking
  • Easy Tile and Flexi-Tile Facilities


Remote RIP Client – Control the RIP directly from your workstation or if you do not have access rights, just monitor the progress of your job. This facility allows file transfer to and from the workstation to allow the downloading or uploading of job and PPDs. (Fully supports the Mac environment)

Remote RIP Server – Allows administrators to manage remote users

Jigsaw (Optional) – A sister program to Wisp-PS, Jigsaw allows the Poster layout, Tiling and Paper Saving of Printer PostScript, EPS and most Raster files.


Wisp-PS is available as standard in 6 languages

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese


  • Jigsaw
  • Load Sharing

  • Job Splitting

  • Job Sharing