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All the Supported Drivers

PostScript RIPs with Unbeatable Productivity

  For Pure Productivity when driving multiple printing devices there is nothing to beat a Wisp-PS PostScript Level 3 RIP or the Qt integrated Colour Contoller and software RIP.
  Cost of Ownership
  Wisp-PS, HotSpur & Qt PostScript RIPs are in a class of their own when it comes to 'cost of ownership', the wide range of supported printing devices means one RIP or Colour Controller can be upgraded to drive the printing device of your choice for a very reasonable upgrade cost and in many instances can drive multiple devices simultaneously from a single PC.

When you purchase an Image Technologies Product you know that you have bought a quality and professional product that will be versatile enough to take on the toughest of jobs. Competitive products may superficially look adequate but can soon need replacing because they can no longer cope with your workload, the type of work you do or have a limited range of printer drivers. Why end up buying two when one can do the job?

All Image Technologies Products are built with expanablity and upgradeability in mind. The Image Technologies development team are continually striving to bring you more functional, more flexible and more user friendly products. We like to listen to our customer's feedback; our success is reflected in developing products for you!