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The Latest RIPs, Printer Drivers and Workflow Solutions from Image Technologies for Large Format, Small Format and Colour Copiers.

    Trafik the new generation RIP from Image Technologies launched at Cebit 2001 to accolades from press, manufacturers, dealers, distributors and end users.

Every now and again a new product comes to market that really changes the way things have worked in the past - Trafik moves RIPs and Printing in to the 21st century, and gives a long over due makeover to the whole workflow and business of putting ink on paper.

Now on Release. To download a free demo go to:

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    SEIKO IP-4500
     Support for the new Seiko IP-4500 is now shipping, this 360-1440dpi printer is ideal for the sign and exhibition printing.

Wisp-PS drives the machine using the Ethernet interface and offers all the professional functionality required for heavy duty printing requirements

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HP Large Format Printer

Epson 10,000

    Wisp-PS and Traffik is now available with a full set of new profiles to support the Epson10,000 series printers.

ITD has developed special screens to enhance the quality of these high resolution printers.

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Epson Printer Driver